“Don’t Break The Ice” – A Game You Can Make At Home

Don’t Break the Ice

Using the tongs to pick up the marbles helps reinforce a functional grasp as the child holds the tongs in the same manner a writing tool should be held. In addition, this activity works on visual perception as the child has to retrieve the marble from a group of other marbles and place it into a small cup.

2 small cups (short plastic cups seem to work best)
1 rubber band
1 Kleenex
Marbles (about 20-40)
Tongs (small sugar tongs or plastic play tongs)


  1. Fill one cup with the marbles and just enough water so that all of the marbles are wet.
  2. Lay the Kleenex on top of the other cup and secure it with a rubber band around the top rim of the cup.
  3. Each person takes a turn to grab a marble with the tongs from the cup with water and then place it on top of the “ice” (Kleenex). Instruct the children to hold the tongs with their thumb, pointer, and middle fingers only, while tucking the pinkie and ring fingers into the palm of their hand.
  4. Count each marble out loud to see how many you can get on the ice before it breaks.
  5. The person that does not break the ice is the winner.

Lindsay Rees, MOTR

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