You Don’t Have To Follow The Rules: Candy Land

During my speech sessions, I often use the classic children’s board games. However, I don’t always play them by the rules. I try to find many ways to incorporate each individual child’s goals into the games. Over the next couple of weeks, I will highlight some familiar and favorite games and ways you can incorporate speech and language goals into activities using them. Here are some fun variations on the Candy Land game:

  • Have each child name something that is the color of the card he/she drew. To make it more difficult, you can have him/her name something that is that particular color and in a specific category (i.e. fruits, vegetables, things that grow, animals, etc).
  • Make cards with the colors spelled out and use those instead of the color cards.
  • If your child has articulation goals, a word with their target sound had to be practiced every time he/she lands on “red” (or another chosen color).
  • Before each turn, the player has to start a conversation about a picture depicted on the game board.
  • Before each turn, the player has to respond to a “Where” question about the location of a certain type of candy/treat on the game board. On the other players turn, the child has to ask a “Where” question about the location of a certain type of candy/treat.
  • Have the child draw the card and give you directions on what color to move to on the board, and vice versa.
  • Don’t use the cards! Just give directions such as, “Go forward 2 yellows and then one purple.” ( This can help direction following and auditory memory skills.)

If you have any fun ideas, please share them in the comments! Stay tuned for another fun game and ideas next week. Enjoy!

Megan McCann, M.S., CCC/SLP

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