Parents Take Charge

Presented by

Sandy Gluckman, phd

Does your child struggle withissues like underachievement, low motivation, meltdowns, bullying, anxiety, behavior problems, depression, OCD, ADHD, autism, eczema, asthma, allergies, low immune system…and others?

 85% of learning, behavior, mood and health symptoms like these are triggered by STRESS.

 Giving a child a label and treating these symptoms with medication is not the answer!

  There is a much better way…

Take Charge! 

Identify and remove the REAL causes of these symptoms!

When you identify, treat adn remove stress in your child’s body and spirit, the child will be ready and able to put function at his/her best.

Come to Dr Gluckman’s Parents, Take Charge! Workshop and learn:

    • About a roadmap of steps to take before considering medication as an option.
    • The difference between physical stress and emotional stress.
    • How to identify physical stress caused by something happening in your child’s body.
    • How the child’s body and spirit work together.
    • The steps to take to remove the stress that created your child’s issues in the first place.
    • Tools to incorporate in your daily schedule that will help your child’s body heal itself from the inside.
    • How you can stimulate your child’s healthy brain chemicals.
    • How to recognize and reduce your own stress as a parent.
    • The skills to build a stress-less, joyful relationship with your children.

August 12th,  9:00am -12:00pm    August 19th, 9:00am- 12:00pm  

Venue:   Integrative Pediatric Therapy: 

6101 Windcom Court, Plano, TX 75093

To Read more:

To Register:  Go to:

$99 per person; $129 married couple. 

Workbook included

For questions call Dr. Gluckman: (972) 758-1246

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Sensory Based Fine and Gross Motor Skill Activities

Ball games outside (baseball, football, soccer, etc.) for strength, endurance and coordination. 

Play at the park to climb and swing on equipment to provide vestibular and proprioceptive input.   

Riding a bike for bilateral coordination, balance and postural control.

Playing Frisbee for upper-extremity and eye-hand coordination.

If you visit the beach, building a sand castle would be a great activity. Carrying buckets of sand to make a castle is great for arm strength and provides proprioceptive input. Using molds, shovels and tools is great for hand manipulation skills as well as tactile input.

Drawing/Writing in the sand to work on handwriting and fine motor skills.

Volleyball for upper-extremity coordination and ball skills.

Swimming is great for strength, endurance and vestibular input

Balloon toss to catch and hit the balloon back and forth to keep it in the air while counting the number of hits out loud (visual tracking and eye/hand coordination).

Wheelbarrow walk (walking on hands while someone holds legs) and crab walk (walking backwards on hands and feet and facing up) on the beach or soft surface for strength, coordination and proprioceptive input.  

Water guns for hand strength and tactile input.

Handwriting with sidewalk chalk and creating mazes for fine motor precision skills.

Hopscotch outside using sidewalk chalk with combining coordination and balance skills.

 Draw a line with sidewalk chalk and practice balance challenges standing on the line on one foot, heel-to-toe with both feet on the line, and walking on the line.

Relax in a hammock swing- this is a great calming activity after playing hard and provides vestibular input.  


Lindsay Rees, MOTR

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Music Therapy is a relatively new therapy in complementary medicine today.  We are thrilled to have Marcie Friedman, MT – BC, NMT and her group, Southwestern Music Therapy, provide this unique camp for us.  Marcie has been practicing Music therapy for more than 10 years within a variety of settings and special needs populations. Her skills are flexible enough to accommodate all levels of developmental issues, from mild to moderate learning differences to severe autism where she is considered a specialist.  Marcie continues to educate the public by providing live music therapy sessions and giving talks regarding the benefits and proven results of Music Therapy.  Studies have demonstrated improvements in hearing, speech, hand-eye coordination and communication skills making this a great compliment to sensory integration and speech therapy.

This summer, IPT is excited to host Music  & Movement Camp presented by Southwestern Music Therapy.  This camp will be held at the IPT Plano location and run by a certified music therapist with Southwestern Music Therapy. 

Groups are open to all children, siblings are welcomed and encouraged as well.  

We are offering two sessions

                Group A: 3 – 6 years

                             Time: Mondays 2 – 3 pm

                             Dates: June 20th & 27th, July 11th, 18th, & 25th

                Group B: 7 – 12 years

                            Time: Thursdays 2 – 3 pm

                            Dates June 23rd & 30th, July 14th, 21st, & 28th

Individual Sessions are also available with Southwestern Music Therapy.  Please let us know if you are interested in this service as well.

Fee:  $100 Deposit to secure your spot

 $350 for the five session series

Spots are filling up fast, Enroll TODAY! Four to eight children per group, with a minimum of four.  Refunds will be made for the initial deposit by June 20, if the group does not meet the enrollment requirements. 




972-608-0909, 972-404-3077

a place where kids really do get better!

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IPT in your neighborhood!

Highland Park

Last month Park Cities Learning Disabilities Association (PCLDA) hosted their first annual Learning Difference Resource Expo. PCLDA is the leading local advocate for the education and well-being of children who learn differently in the Park Cities area. In attendance were over 30 Representatives including physical, occupational and speech therapists, tutors, educators, counselors, legal specialists, and camp specialists. Our very own Sally Fryer, Owner & Director of IPT, along with Laura Emerson SLP/CCC, the head of IPT speech program, were both there to answer questions about the varieties of therapies available to children through IPT, making it a unique and integrated approach in working with children. If you would like to learn more about the Park Cities Learning Disabilities Association (PCLDA) you can visit their website at

Montessori Training class through the Shelton school.

 Last week, 14 local teachers just completed their last day of a 2 year Montessori training through the Shelton School training program, to become certified Montessori teachers. Sally Fryer, PT, Owner & director of IPT along with Vince Steadman, Shelton Athletic Coach and “Play Professional” presented a one day seminar integrating Sensory Integration, otor development and stimulating gym & brain activities to the group. Topics presented included “Motor Development in Action”, Sensory Iegration and learning, practical Motor activities for the teacher to use in the classroom, classroom strategies for dealing with the “SI” child and a variety of brain building physical activities. If you would like more information or would like to set up a talk at your school, contact IPT or Sally Fryer at 972-404-3077. If you would like some information on Vince Steadman and “play professionals”, visit his website at or call him at (972) 814-5141.


IPT was proud to be a part of the Prosperity Place Fun Run this past weekend sponsored by Centennial Pediatrics. Prosperity Place is a non-profit organization that benefits children with special needs in the Plano & Frisco area. Both Bonnie Rogers, MPT, SIPT Cert. and Lindsay Reese, MOTR, were part of the Family Fun Fair with a booth set up with fun goodies and games for kids. While parents received helpful information for on sensory integration therapy, children enjoyed a fun game of twister


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IPT is rescheduling tomorrow’s talk “Want to Know the Whole Story?” featuring: Sally Fryer, PT, CST-D, Faye Elahi, M.S., and Dr. Sandy Gluckman until August/September.  We will update the blog with the actual date.

Don’t forget!

“Making Sense of Sensory with Sally”

Friday May 6th

Dallas Clinic

RSVP at 972-404-3077

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Want to know the the whole story?




An Integrative Approach to the Treatment of Learning, Behavior, Mood and Health Challenges

Traditionally, doctors look at symptoms to label and treat diseases according to where they are located in the body.  Since the body is one integrated system, we know that treating the whole child can be a much more effective approach.  This can be a challenge to practitioners and patients alike.  Learn how an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment of the child can help to bring about often profound and lasting results.

Presented By:

Sally Fryer, PT, CST-D, SIPT (A pediatric physical therapist specializing in sensory integration and CranioSacral Therapy), Faye Elahi, M.S, ( M.A. veteran Gluten sensitive nutirouist, authro Ready, Set, Eat, used frequently as the expert nutrionist by Pediatricians, Gastroenterologists and Parents fo Special Needs Children)  and Dr. Sandy Gluckman (psychologist using a whole brain approach to stress-related disorders).

In this fascinating 2-hour Talk, we will offer a practical roadmap of how to you can apply the integrative, whole child approach to treat your child’s Learning, Behavior, Mood and Health Challenges

When:   April 27th

Time:     6:00-8:00 pm

Where: IPT Plano

6101 Windcom Ct #100

Plano, Texas 75093

Looking forward to seeing you there you!

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yogees: yoga 4 kids

Expand your child’s enrichment with yogees yoga 4 kids.  Children will learn, develop self awareness, and have fun in a supportive nurturing Yoga environment.  Yoga is a powerful way for children to shape strong healthy bodies in a safe noncompetitive way.  Yoga can be practiced anywhere and requires no special tools.  Yoga has been proven highly effective in helping children become balanced and well rounded individuals.  Yoga builds patience, self understanding and confidence. The yogees approach to yoga strengthens imagination and helps each child enhance their creative thinking skills.  It is taught through a yoga journey.  Each week we will integrate yoga poses with games and adventures.  Yoga is engaging and is for all children.   

 yogees class structure: 

Set our intentions – prepares the kids for a mental and physical workout

Sun salutations – warms up the body

Our adventure – expressed through poses and games

Shavasana – cool down process relaxes the body as well as the mind

IPT is hosting Yogee class!!!!

Who: Kids ages 4 – 8

Where: IPT Dallas Clinic, Hillcrest and LBJ

When: Wednesdays April 13th, 20th,27th and May 4th

Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm

Cost: $100 for the series of four classes

Frequently asked questions about yogees….

Can any kid participate in yogees?

            The answer is yes.  yogees is an opportunity for a child to never have to worry about doing something wrong.  With yogees all you have to do is try. 

What are the benefits for my child participating with yogees?

            1) It builds self esteem and self respect.

            2) It improves energy and stamina

            3) It helps to calm and reduce stress in children.

Is yogees a competitive sport?

            It is one of few if not the only sport that are non-completive that a child can participate in.  For instance, there are no medals awarded at the end of a yogees session.

Can my child get hurt doing yogees?

            No as a matter of fact yoga improves a child’s physical heath.  This happens through building muscular strength.  For instance a twist allows a child to ring out the central core.

Can children really lie still for shavasana “resting pose”?

            Yes and with this concentration, it can carry over into a child’s everyday life including school.

How does yogees help my child’s mind?

            It promotes imagination, creative thinking skills and encourages original thought.

Are the yogees poses difficult for a child?

            No.  A child being challenged is an important part of life.  Challenges can be opportunities to achieve a personal goal.  Challenging poses will be introduced, but the child will have to chance to modify to their level of confidence.

Is yogees fun?

            Yes especially with the yogees approach.

TAYLOR YOSS, certified yoga instructor

I am the proud mother of two girls, ages 10 and 8.  I am also a devotee to the art of yoga.  yogees combines my love for working with fellow yoga enthusiasts and kids with my enthusiasm for unique physical and mental wellness.

Personally I have found yoga to be such an asset to my life; it has changed me in such profound ways.   Yoga is a non-competitive sport; how many things can we say that about today?  Yoga builds self-esteem and self respect. It promotes physical strength, balance and flexibility.  One of the greatest things about yoga practice is that it is imaginative and helps in developing creative thinking skills.  Yoga also helps to work on the importance of posture.  It is amazing to see how something as simple as standing up straight makes you feel better and more confident!  Yoga also helps us to understand the importance of respect for ourselves and others. Not only is this part of the “yoga mantra”, but it also benefits our day-to-day relationships.  To be kind to others, to share, to be considerate of all kinds of people and to have an understanding of our differences…these are the lessons I teach to my students.

Currently I am teaching classes at Anshi Torah Levine Academy,  Temple Emanu-El, The Davinci School  Dallas Ridgewood Recreation Center two studios Uptown Yoga Lakewood and Karmany and on Saturday’s I get to teach “practice” yogees with the kids at Gold’s Gym.  I am also doing private classes in the Highland Park, North Dallas and Plano areas.  This past summer I participated in some camps in Dallas, at Levine Academy, Temple Emanu-El and Temple Shalom. Also I continued my collaboration with swimmers by Jessica. 

I am certified by both mini yogis and have a 200 hour RYT training through yoga alliance from the Dallas Yoga Center.

I believe yoga can make a difference!

Namaste ~

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New Speech Therapists

We’ve got some exciting changes ahead for IPT’s Speech Program. While we will all miss Shelly and Katie as they look forward to their new personal and professional endeavors, we are happy to announce the addition of three incredible new speech therapists to the IPT team. Together, they bring over 30 years of experience to IPT and we will able to expand the speech services currently available to our patients.


Laura Beth Emerson, M.S., CCC-SLP/L is a doctoral candidate in Ed. Leadership through UOP and she earned her masters in Speech Pathology at ASU, and a BS in Communication Disorders from UMASS. She is an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)-certified, TX/AZ Dept of Health (DOH)-Licensed, medically- and educationally-trained forensic SLP and Educational coach with 15 years.  Her areas of expertise include oral motor speech and phonological disorders, feeding and dysphagia, language learning disabilities (oral, reading, math and writing), fluency, SLP supervision, pragmatic language, executive function/ADHD coaching and study skills. Prior to moving to TX this summer, she ran her own outpatient speech clinic in Scottsdale, AZ for over 13 years.  Laura has supervised clinical interns and externs; provided educational training for families, SLPs and other professionals.  Her strength based approach celebrates each child’s unique learning style.   

Nicole Stanziale, M.A., CCC-SLP/L earned her masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University – a program ranked third in the nation at the time – and earned a BA in Linguistics from Miami University. She is an ASHA-certified, TX DOH-Licensed, medically- and educationally-trained SLP with over 3 years of experience treating children with speech, language, articulation, fluency and swallowing/feeding disorders.  Nicole specializes in working with children with a variety of speech, language and feeding disorders including ASD, language, speech and fluency disorders.  Her positive approach to therapy allows her to look beyond the disabilities to envision each child’s true potential.

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Sensory with Sally

Don’t forget…

This Friday February 4th IPT is hosting Sensory with Sally in the Plano location. It begins at 11:00am come in and see what your child is up too.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (972) 608-0909

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Gifts for Kids that Make Learning Fun!

With Christmas right around the corner, here are a few ideas for presents and toys for your kids that will also work on their therapy goals.

–         Hyperdash


 Hyperdash is a target tagging, race course game. This game is great for endurance, agility and auditory processing. As you advance from level 1 to level 4 you are challenged to increase your processing speed with math problems and memory skills.

–         Lite Brite


This is a classic that you probably enjoyed yourself. It is great for working on finger precision and in hand manipulation skills while increasing pincer grasp.

–         Operation


This is another classic game that you will have fun playing with your child. It is great for working on fine motor strength and precision while using tweezers. This will also help increase pencil grasp for handwriting.

–         Leap Frog

Leap frog has a lot of developmental toys for children to work on age appropriate skills including handwriting, math and reading. They are very appealing to children and help them have fun while they are learning.

–          Twister


This activity is great for body awareness, balance/stability, coordination, and motor planning skills. 

–          Dolls/Build-A-Bear


Children love stuffed animals and dolls. Having clothes to dress them up in is a great opportunity to practice dressing skills such as tying, lacing, buttoning and zipping.  K’s Kids Teddy Wear is a great bear to work on all of these skills.

–          Battleship


This is great for fine motor precision and problem solving skills as well as spatial awareness for graphing.

–          Castle Logix

This game challenges you to construct castles using wooden pieces. This game works on visual spatial skills and logical thinking for constructional praxis to create 3-D designs while looking at a two-dimensional picture.  

–          Lego’s


Lego’s are also a great hand manipulation activity that will also challenge sequencing skills and problem solving to create structures.

–          Coloring and Activity Books

Activity books are great for working on fine motor control and precision for writing, drawing and cutting. Some activities include mazes, dot-to-dots, and matching games using visual perception skills for finding hidden pictures or finding differences in 2 pictures. Other “brain teaser” activity books are great for problem solving and processing.     

Happy Holidays!

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